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Image Gallery: Long Hairstyle Pictures, Short Hairstyle Pictures & Medium Hairstyle Pictures

Everyone wants to know what’s going to be hot this season—or next. It is part of our culture, wherever we are, to want to fit in. At the same time, while men and women across the globe want to fit in, they also want to stand out. People want to be noticed for having the most unique sense of fashion while still trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. Let’s face it, what looks great in a movie or on the runway does not always look so great when you’re walking down Main Avenue. Still, there are a variety of hairstyles that breakaway from the humdrum of everyday life and look cool rather than silly.

When choosing the right style for you, there are several things you want to consider. One person’s cool hairstyle, after all, is another’s not so cool cut. Take a look at the Women’s Hairstyles, and see how just the shape of your face might make an impact on what hairstyle is best to display your coolness. Hair color is another thing to consider. A sharp and edgy cut with black hair might give an almost angelic glow with the proper shade of blonde, or flames with red hair. Getting a cool or any other type of hairstyle for that matter really is a matter of perception. Some of the best hairstylists realize the subtle optical illusions that can be performed with the right style, shape, length, and cut. And, believe it or not, wearing the right clothes with the right hair does matter. On a simple level, you typically would not find an edgy hairstyle to go well with contemporary conservative dress. By the same token, matching your hair to your clothes, accessories, or eyes can create different flattering effects.

Cool Hairstyles 2009 Cool Hairstyles 2009 Cool Hairstyles 2009

Of course, as with any hairstyle, you will want to consider the work the style is going to take. If you get your new cool hairstyle from a stylist, will you be able to maintain it? If so, how long will it take to get ready? If you can not maintain the style due to the skill or time required, will there be a way to utilize your new cut in a more efficient manner? These physical considerations are one thing, but also think about the psychological effects, as we discuss in the Beautiful Hairstyles. Feeling good is looking good, basic rule of thumb.

While this is sure to change with time, it seems the new cool look for hairstyles resolves around simplicity. The paige boy/skater cut from a few years ago has been replaced with messier and sharper hairstyles for men. Men’s hair is kept short, often spiked. It is simple, it is sleek, and it takes very little time to get ready. Finding the right conditioner and gel composition for your hair might take some practice, but you do not want to leave the house with a great head of hair only to arrive at work or the club with a misshapen mess. For women, too, it seems simpler styles have become more popular. Years ago, it was the bigger, the better. After that, it went the complete opposite with short cuts taking the driver’s seat to style. Now, longer hair is back in, but the days of using two cans of hairspray and getting your hair to be two heads tall are long gone. A simple pony tail or bun is all it takes. The straighter, the better, too. This simple, straightened look is all the rage and for those without curly hair quite easy and quick to pull off. It cuts the need for hairstyling supplies in half too.

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