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Clairol is a well-known Cosmetics Company offering many types of hair colors. The Clairol hair color shades can be used to select the correct color for your hair. The Clairol hair color printable coupons help you in getting these products at heavily discounted rates.

The Clairol hair color products are sold under the following brand names

• Clairol Natural Instincts
• Clairol Natural Instincts for Men
• Clairol Perfect 10
• Clairol Nice’n’Easy
• Clairol Root Touch up
• Clairol Gray Solution
• Clairol Herbal Essences
• Clairol Hydrience
• Clairol Balsam

Clairol Natural Instincts

The Clairol Natural Instincts is one of the most popular hair coloring products from Clairol that gives a natural look to your hair with the natural color shades as per the Clairol hair color shades. This is a non- permanent color that can last up to 28 shampooing. It offers very good conditioning effect to your hair for about 6 weeks from the date of application.

Clairol Natural Instincts for Men

This non-permanent hair color is specifically made for men and can last up to 28 shampooing and will keep your hair with a natural look and conditioned for 6 weeks. It is easy to apply and only needs just 10 minutes to apply this hair color and you can get a natural hue in the Clairol Hair Color shades.

Clairol Perfect 10

This is one of the permanent hair coloring products from Clairol that gives a designer and high gloss bright look to your hair referring to the brighter Clairol hair color shades. It can give good coverage for about 8 weeks and can be easily applied in just 10 minutes, with the help of a special comb available with this Clairol hair color kit.

Clairol Nice'n'Easy

This product is really nice and easy as it is capable of giving 3 shades of the color in a simple application. This is easy to apply in about 25 minutes and can last for a period of 6 weeks. The product comes with a good hair conditioner that can keep your hair conditioned for about 6 weeks. With the Clairol hair color shades you can simply find the tones given by this product. This can give 100% coverage to the Gray hairs and will completely mask your gray hair for a long time.

Clairol Root Touch up

This hair color product is specially made for touching up the gray areas at the hair root that appear between colorings and can give a good coverage of the gray hairs. This comes with a special root touch up brush to help you apply this in about 10 minutes. Once applied this root touch up product can give the natural shades in the Clairol hair color shades for about 4 weeks time.

Clairol Gray Solution

This is a permanent coloring solution that can be used to completely cover and color strong grays, and can do this for over 8 weeks time. This comes with a strong hair conditioner that will be in force for about 6 weeks. This product is a good match for the colors that are found in the Clairol hair color shades for 100% gray coverage. The hair pre-treatment solution is good for making your hair ready to receive this solution.

Clairol Herbal Essences

This is a permanent hair color solution that can give bright, vibrant and long lasting colors for about 8 weeks. Available in all colors of the Clairol Hair color shades, this can be easily applied in 25 minutes. This has a good conditioning effect on your hair for more than 6 weeks. However this product cannot be used for gray coverage.

Clairol Hydrience

This is one of the special hair color product of Clairol, that can be used to get a radiant and moisturizing cool color tones as found in the Clairol hair color shades. This can give a long lasting permanent color to your hair for about 6 weeks time. This can be used for gray coverage and has a good hair conditioner that will be effective for at least 6 weeks. Available with a special hair pre-treatment solution.

Clairol Blasam

This is also a special hair coloring solution from Clairol that is used to get a rich, brighter and long lasting color that can last about 6 weeks. This can be used for full gray coverage and comes with a conditioner that can work for about 3 weeks time. Available in all colors tones of the Clairol hair color shades.

These products from Clairol are popular throughout the world and these are good for coloring your hair in any color that is found on the Clairol Hair color shades chart. These products come with Clairol hair color printable coupons that will help you get the products at discounted prices.

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