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Hair Straighteners produced by Farouk Systems, the CHI Hair straighteners, are among the best hair straighteners in the world. This popular brand of high quality hair straighteners are widely used in high end salons and by world famous hair stylists.

Farouk Systems Inc. is a company known for producing high quality hair care tools, equipment, and styling products. They produce such equipment as hair dryers, hair straighteners and brushes. The CHI line of hair straighteners come with 1-inch ceramic plates which can be used to straighten, curl, and style your hair.

The CHI Hair straightener is designed for professional and commercial use, but can also be used by individuals at home. Some of the features of the Chi Hair Straightener are:

  • Even temperature. The CHI hair straightener produces and maintains an even temperature throughout the entire ceramic plate surface.
  • Ceramic heat. The use of ceramic heat to straighten hair helps seal the hair cuticles and even repel humidity. This, in turn, helps prevent any damage to the hair.
  • Ergonomic design. Chi hair straighteners are designed ergonomically, with a 360 degree swivel capability. The 10ft. cord allows for better movement, and the power switch is positioned to allow for easy access.
  • Lightweight. The Chi hair straightener is not heavy, making it easy on the hands and does not cause fatigue after prolonged use.
  • Built-in safety features. Some safety features include a pre-installed circuit breaker and concentrated heating – only the ceramic plates heat up and not the entire hair straightening unit.
  • Versatility. CHI Hair straighteners may not only be used to straighten hair; they can also be used to curl, flip, and crimp hair.
  • Great value for money. The chi hair straightener is a relatively inexpensive buy, especially when compared with the other popular ceramic hair straighteners available in the market today.

Some of the more well known CHI hair straighteners available are:

  • The CHI Turbo Ceramic Hair Straightener or Flat Irons
  • The Pink CHI Hair Straightener or Flat Iron
  • The CHI Nano Technology 1" Ceramic Hair Straightener or Flat Iron
  • The Original Farouk CHI Hair Straightener
Known for its high quality and great results, the CHI hair straightener does come with an unfavorable side – it can only be used within the United States and Canada and will not work even with the use of a converter.

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