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Pamela Anderson

Pamela has been on the cover of Playboy magazine a record twelve times. She has been featured in Playboy published books and video pictorials. Her famous figure has been featured in rock videos, posters and viewed on the Internet more than anybody else in history. How did she get started? Simple. Pamela was cheering at a football game, wearing a Labatt beer tees-shirt and was spotted by the camera man, who then put her image on the Jumbotron. Execs from Labatt spotted her, and made her a spokes model for their product. The rest is history.

Pam’s first recurring television role was on the ABC sitcom, Home Improvement starring Tim Allen. She made her film debut in 1992 with The Taking of Beverly Hills. In 1996, Pam was given the show Barbwire, but even with her famous assets, the show did  not last long. Another try, VIP did not fare any better. Pam could not recreate her success that she had with Baywatch. She voiced the animated series, Striperella, also a failure.

Pam has appeared in a number of projects, many of them as herself including 2006’s Borat.

Pam has huge, blonde hair that she keeps teased, sprayed and dyed to her fan’s delight.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson

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