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Nikki Cox

Nikki was born June 2, 1978 and wanted to be nothing more than a dancer from a very young age. She studied with the Joffrey Ballet and did a Los Angeles Music Center Ballet Tour. Her dancing allowed her to appear in videos for artist like Michael Jackson and  Paula Abdul, and to appear on the MTV music awards and the Arsenio Hall Show.

Dancing was her love, but it also opened other doors for her, and soon she made her big screen debut in MAC and Me. She followed that up with guest spots on television shows like: Mama’s Family, Night Court, Murphy Brown, Baywatch and Blossom.

Nikki returned to the big screen in 1992 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. After filming wrapped, Nikki returned to the small screen with made for TV movies, The Ryan White Story and Danger Island. In 1995, she began the series, Unhappily Ever After.

Nikki has long, medium brown hair that she allows to frame her face and fall around her shoulders.

Nikki Cox Nikki Cox Nikki Cox Nikki Cox
Nikki Cox Nikki Cox Nikki Cox Nikki Cox

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