Celebrity Hairstyles 2011 - Short, Medium, Long Celebrity Hairstyles Pictures 2011
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Celebrity haircuts 2011 like always have been the hottest topics of interest. Nearly everyone wants to know the new look of their favourite celeb in the New Year. While most of the celebs tend to change their looks and styles, there are also a few of them who are known for their consistent looks.

- Short haircuts like bob cut are one of the most popular celebrity haircuts for 2011. Think of your favourite celeb whether they have worn a short haircut like bob cut with layered hair cut that is shorter at the back and yet the length of the hair around the ears is a little longer than the ears.

Celebrity Haircuts 2011Celebrity Haircuts 2011Celebrity Haircuts 2011

- If you are planning to adopt one of the celebrity haircuts for 2011, you should take a few points into consideration before donning similar look. Katie Homes brought back the bob haircut look to Hollywood once again and women can be seen swooning over her new hairdo.

- Victoria Beckham is yet another celebrity that has donned the short haircuts for 2011. She is known for her stylish attire and lifestyle that eventually has a personal touch giving her an individualistic look always. You can always customise your look with the help of your hair specialist who can give you variations to give you an individual look as well.

- Think of your facial features and compare them with your celeb. Do you really have the same look, personality and a figure to match the same to carry an exactly same celebrity hairstyle in 2011.

- Also, think of your personality as compared to your favourite celeb. You really need to compare your actual figure rather than hoping to lose as many pounds as your celeb.

- Before opting for similar look as your favourite celebrity, think of your lifestyle as well. You may love Angelina Jolie and her medium length hair but you may be a very busy worker that works long hours. Does your lifestyle match same as your celebrity? You always need to think about the practical approach towards your hairstyle before you opt for one.

- Celebrity long hairstyles for 2011 may look awesome to you but in the end you also need to remember that they have all the time to take care of their beauty and appearance. Such celebrity long hairstyles may not be so comfortable if you are mother or a working woman or even both.

- If you are thinking of having a medium celebrity hairstyle for 2011, you can opt for Anna Sophia Robb who wears her blond hair of up to shoulder length. This can be a great hairstyle for the prom night as well.

- Jessica Simpson is also known to be an extremely stylish celeb that wears a medium length haircut. The look is complete with layered haircut ending with spikes. She has also experimented with her hairs often by wearing long length haircut with completely new look for 2011 with medium length hairs.

Celebrity hairstyles are definitely popular as always but it is important to know which style will suit you the most. Easiest way out is to check with your hairstylist and adopt the new celebrity hairstyle for 2011.

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