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Most bride to bes have everything planned out for their big day from the caterers, to their dress, the guests, the reception, the after party, the hair, the bridesmaids dresses, hair and make up for everyone in the bridal party, down to smallest possible details like the tie the ring bearer needs to wear. Everything should be executed perfectly and not one hair should be out of place lest the bride see her wedding fantasies go kaput.

In keeping with the theme of maintaining a certain level of perfection, hair dressers and stylists must be able to give the bride a hairstyle that one looks good both in person and in photographs and two lasts through out the entire ceremony until the end of the reception or after party.

To do this, hair dressers will need to coordinate with the bride weeks prior to the big event in coming up with possible hairstyles and whittling down the choices until the bride chooses the perfect bridal hairstyle. Hair dressers, especially those with experience in weddings and other formal events, are very familiar with romantic and elegant looks, so the bride may need to rely a bit more on their hair dresser and follow their advice as professional hair dressers are paid to do just that make your hair look great.

You, as a bride, should work with your hair dresser in coming up with and deciding on the perfect hairstyle. The style should not only suit your hair type, your dress, your wedding theme, and your accessories, but should also cooperate with external factors such as the weather. Yes, the weather. As you may already know, the weather affects the behavior of your hair. Notice how your hair tends to go all wild and frizzy on humid days? Or how it looks all dry on hot days? Weather affects how your hair looks and behaves, so you should consider it when deciding on your hairstyle.

There are certain things you and your hair dresser can do to negate the effects brought about by weather. For example, on a hot and dry day, you may want to avoid having your hair look dull and dry. To do this, you will need to start moisturizing your hair weeks before the wedding. On the day itself, your hair dresser may use a protective serum when styling your hair – this way, the thermal tools used in styling will not dry out your hair. Frizz on humid days can be avoided by using products that fight frizz several weeks before the wedding and on the big day itself. Static-laden hair on cold, dry days can be avoided by introducing a shampoo and conditioner into your hair care regimen before the wedding. Your hair dresser can also use products to protect your hair from heat generated by blow dryers.

There are several more things you can do to get perfect hair for your wedding. Talk to your hair dresser and keep an open mind. And of course, do a little bit of research yourself, for as they say, two heads are always better than one.
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