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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your adult life. You probably spent a lot of days dreaming about your wedding day while you were growing up, and now that it is fast approaching, getting the details perfectly can become taxing.. Even deciding on the perfect hairstyle for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all the hair style choices available.

A classic option for styling your hair would be the updo. The hair updo is a formal and sophisticated look and is perfect for a wedding. Updos are very versatile and can range from the simple pony tail, or the low bun, to the classic French twist, and to the fancy twist with curls spilling out from the top. Fancy updos for formal events such as weddings are not very easy to achieve as these hairstyles require time and a good deal of work to get right.

Styling your hair in an updo for your wedding day will require the help of a professional stylist. Never attempt to create the hairstyle by yourself. You need to have your hair styled perfectly, and by perfect I mean a hairstyle that can withstand long hours of dancing, milling about with your guests during the reception, and the after party.

There are several types of updos you can explore for your special day, most of which are the classic styles fit for weddings. These are the French twist, the bun, braids, and the curly updo.

The French Twist
The French twist is probably the most popular type of hair updo. This classic style is a sleek variation on the updo and looks clean and very sophisticated.

The Bun
Worn high or low, the bun is another classic take on the updo. You can modify the bun and accessorize with jewelry or pins decorated with pearls and other precious stones.

The braid is an element that may be used to spruce up the updo. A French braid is a great choice for a wedding because of its elegance.

Curly updos
The curly updo is also a fun and more casual take on the updo. Curls, either structured or loose, are a great way to vary the updo and make it more casual to fit your own personal style.

Talk to your stylist and find the time to have your stylist practice creating the style for the big day.  Have test runs on the hairstyles to see if it suits you well and to determine how much time is required to get your hair just right. This way, you will have enough time during the day itself. As to the style, what matters is you find the style that will work best with your wedding dress, your theme, and your personal style.

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