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You have found the perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect shoes, accessories, bouquet, bridesmaids dresses name it, youve found it. But you somehow find yourself stuck on choosing the right hairstyle for you to wear on your wedding day. This can be a problem for some brides as some ladies are afraid to look bad during the ceremony and in the subsequent photographs that come with a special event like a wedding.

Finding the right hairstyle does not have to be so hard. Choosing the perfect style is as simple as knowing what looks good on you. The best thing for you to do in choosing a hairstyle is to talk to your hairdresser to come up with all the possible options available. Do not be afraid to t ell your hair dresser what you like. Professional hair stylists will not make the decision for you, instead, they will help you in the decision making process. Stylists know hair, and they also know what will work well for your hair type and facial structure, so the best they can really do is aid you in making the decision, and execute it for you, after all, this is your wedding, and not theirs.

To start off, there are a few things you should ask yourself prior to or when discussing hair style options with your stylist:

  • Would you prefer an updo or would you rather wear your hair down?
  • If you choose an updo, would you like to have it high or low?
  • Would you like to have a tight hair style or a bit loose?
  • Do you prefer a romantic looking style?
  • Do you want to have a bit of hair framing your face?

Your stylist can help you come up with a hairdo based on the answers to these simple questions. Stylists can recommend a variety of hairdos from the varied combinations of your answers.

Once you have decided on the general look of your hair, you can then start getting ideas for your hair. You can start by browsing through galleries online or through portfolios for pictures and possible hair designs. When looking for options, remember to keep your hair type in mind. Do not go for a hairstyle that works best for straight hair when you really curly hair. Work with what you have – this will be much easier on you and the hair dresser when the day of the event comes.

After narrowing down your options, you can then look into the possible accessories you may want to use. Possible hair accessories include tiaras, pins, jewels, and combs. Other options include beads and flowers.

When done with this process, you can then start on pre-wedding run-throughs with your stylist. This is a very important step and should be done weeks before the wedding.

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