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Any bride would want to look radiant on her wedding day perfect hair, with no strand out of place, and a beaming face made even more glamorous and beautiful with expertly applied makeup.

Looking luminous on your wedding day is relatively simple. First off, you already have the excitement of the event as well as happiness working for you. These emotions will have you looking wonderful, even without makeup. Add to this glow great hair styling and make up application, you are sure to shine and stand out on your most special day.

You will need the help of your chosen hair dresser and stylist to have your hair styled and to get your make up done. These professionals are there to help you look your best and make your life easier. There are, however, some things you can do to help the process along. Here are a few tips you can use for your wedding day:

  • Keep your hair clean and well moisturized. You can start integrating a conditioning process to your hair care regimen if you do not already have one.
  • Talk to your stylist. You can always get their help in deciding which hair styles to use or which styles will look best on you. If you want something done, or if you see something you like, tell your stylist. They will appreciate the input, and you will also get what you want for your wedding day.
  • Having a problem with styling short hair? Try hair extensions. Hair extensions can add more length and volume to your hair, and can be used to make your hair style even more glamorous. If you intend to get hair extensions, choose to use those made with human hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled as well as human hair.
  • Accessorize! There are a number of bridal hair accessories you can use. Possible choices include pins, jewels, tiaras, combs, silk ribbons, and flowers.
  • Have your hair stylist do a run through weeks before the wedding. This helps a lot, especially in determining the time needed to get your hair done and in finding out if the hair style will work on you.

Make up application, especially for this very special occasion, is a job for the pros. Here are a few tips to help you get the best make up results:

  • Talk to your make up artist. Tell them how you want to look, and if possible, bring pictures of the look you want for your wedding.
  • Be ready to touch up. Have the lipstick or lip gloss used by your artist handy. You should own a stick of the same shade and have it with you as lipstick is the first thing that comes off.
  • Avoid looking washed out. Your stylist will know how to make your makeup a bit on the heavier side to make you look good in pictures.

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