Bob Hairstyles 2012 for women - Thick Hair - With Bangs - Round Faces
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Bob hairstyles 2012 are literally amazing. Bob cut hardly goes out of style. Though it suites females of every age, yet it best suites with younger girls.

Two hottest variations of bob hairstyles 2012 are blunt bob and inverted bob. A blunt bob is achieved by cutting hair in strong jolt like Cleopatra, with long hair under chin. Inverted bob is obviously the up-to-the-minute fashion where the hair in front is chin length but in the back they are slightly below the nape. This style has been worn by many celebrities including Rihanna in her ‘Umbrella’.

Bob hairstyles 2012 Bob hairstyles 2012Bob hairstyles 2012

Bob Hairstyles 2012 for thick hair

Bob style usually goes well with straight hair; however, it can be tried with thick and curly hair as well. According to recent trends, girls with thick hair should wear short bob and can also experiment with graduate bob hairstyles.

Layered and choppy bobs are also trendy with bangs flipped across the forehead. This style is often worn by the American TV and film actress Eva Longoria.

Bob Hairstyles 2012 for thick hair Bob Hairstyles 2012 for thick hairBob Hairstyles 2012 for thick hair

Bob Hairstyles 2012 with bangs

Influenced by fringes hairstyles 2012, you cut with bangs suit when you have short or medium bob. The two hottest trends in bob hairstyles 2012 are side-swept bangs and bangs flipped over the forehead or covering even one eye. If you are opting for this style, bangs should be trimmed no matter their ends are even or uneven.

Elisha Cuthbert’s choppy bob with bangs is quite popular these days, especially among young girls. Mature ladies are usually wearing the Classic A-Line Bob as Jenny McCarthy used to wear. Victoria Buckram’s Beckham bob with bangs is still not out of fashion.

Bob Hairstyles 2012 with bangs Bob Hairstyles 2012 with bangsBob Hairstyles 2012 with bangs

Bob Hairstyles 2012 for round faces

If you have a round face, the best bob cut is exhibited by the beautiful picture of Kelly Clarkson, one of the cutest female singers in the US. This picture is scattered all over the web. She is wearing a bob that falls between a normal bob and an inverted bob, a great choice if you have round face and short, straight hair.

Bob Hairstyles 2012 for round faces Bob Hairstyles 2012 for round facesBob Hairstyles 2012 for round faces

Kirsten Dunst, the girl from Spiderman movie, also has a round face and blonde hair. She wore a stunning bob hairstyle with the conventional chin length and layers. Some girls are choosing bob with a little messy touch to stand out from the crowd.

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