Blonde Hairstyles 2011 - Celebrity Short & Blonde Hairstyles 2011 Pictures & Trends
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Kate Winslet or Drew Barry Moore – you can choose to have any kind or blond hair. all you need is a perfect blond hairstyle for 2011 to look perfect next summer. Blonde celebrity hairstyles have been adopted and worn by women all around the world. Most of the women with long hair choose to wear them in different shades are ready to experiment with them with colours and streaking as well.

There are umpteen blonde haircuts 2011 to choose from that are even chosen regularly by celebs. If you have dark hair, you will have to bleach your hair for a long time to get the blond look and get a complete white hue.

Blonde Hairstyles 2011Blonde Hairstyles 2011Blonde Hairstyles 2011

Kristen Cavallari looks and blond haircut is popular but so are the traditional blonde locks for Heidi. For more blond hairstyles for 2011, you can search the internet for celeb hairstyles and the latest growing trends.

It is important to select the right kind of blond hair shade if your hairs are not perfectly blonde naturally. You may even have streaks of blonde with shades of brown in the roots. Such hair can definitely carry the mussed short blonde haircut with spiky look.

Inverted bob is also extremely popular with as short blond hairstyles 2011. You can combine it with layered haircut that goes shorter towards the back.

The classic bob haircut is worn repeatedly by professional women which makes them look classic and simple. It is actually wash and wear look that makes managing their hair quickly in their every day busy life.

One of the other popular blonde hairstyles for 2011 is the shag blond hair with long flicks. It is chic and trendy and gives a youthful cheery look to the face. It can be easily worn everyday without worrying too much about the styling. They can be upturned in to a knotted hairstyle on more formal occasions.

French twist blonde hairstyle is definitely the most preferred formal look that matches perfectly with just every evening wear a woman owns. It goes well with long length hair that can be easily rolled into a neat looking French roll.

Many women love to wear braided hairs when they have long blonde hair. Such braids done with brown streaking give a mixed look to the hair and such a hairstyle has become popular recently. You can also choose to add light caramel highlights if you have extremely dark hair and want a more stylish look to your hairstyle. Blonde highlights need to be redone in every six to eight weeks.

Kate Winslet has made long blonde hairstyles popular amongst women all around the world. Her curly hair along with big long locks can be worn in twisted fashion with middle or side partings. She keeps them loose or turned and clipped with small clips. Her blonde celeb hairstyle is often flashed across fashion magazines across the world in nearly every language.

Who can forget Jennifer Anniston of FRIENDS fame. Her blonde celeb hairstyle has definitely being the talk of every season of FRIENDS. She has extremely long hair that she loves to wear loose often. However, her layered haircut gives her a chic and flirty look that goes with her character and smile as well.

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