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Image Gallery: Long Hairstyle Pictures, Short Hairstyle Pictures & Medium Hairstyle Pictures

There are several types of blonde hair and there fore many more hair styles that go along with each type of blond. We are going to go through the various types of blonds there are. We can then look what kind of hair style best suits your type of blond.

Blonde HairstylesBlonde HairstylesBlonde Hairstyles

First there is blond this is usually reserved those people who have no other color in with the blond. This type of blond is light but not whitish. Usually looks good worn around the face and down with a few curls for females for guys they tend to go with the short spiked look. Yellow refers to hair that gives the appearance of blond but is usually dyed with a yellow color.

Females seem to do well with a ponytail with just a few bangs up front. Males look better with a short but not to short down hair look. The next type of blond has two different names platinum blond which is a white-blond that is usually reserved for those that dye their hair. Where as, towhead which is the same as platinum except this a natural color for the individual. Usually with this type of blond both genders seem to look great with really short hair. Sandy blond hair is considered a grayish-brownish blond. Usually both genders of sandy blond hair look good with a long ponytail towards the back of the head as the starting point. Strawberry blond is usually a reddish blond color. Generally look good on females worn down about mid shoulder length and the bangs around the face. For males a short spiked look is the best for this hair color. Dirty blond or dishwater blond would be a light blond and a brownish color mixed together naturally. Both male and females with this color look best with a low ponytail hair style. Ash blond is kind of like the sandy blond or a lighter shade. For hair style for this type of hair please see the sandy blond section above. These are just a few of the various types of blonds and different hairstyles that usually go well with that particular color.

This article is not saying those are the only styles that will look good with the particular shade it is merely a suggestion. For more information on other styles that may suit the length please look at our short, medium, or long hair style articles. There are other types of styles you can try for a more elegant look in our formal and wedding hairstyle articles. The best hair style for you is the one that you feel the most comfortable with. The best way to find a great hairstyle is to experiment and play around with your hair to find the look you want. Also remember hair styles are best when you work with your face type and not just with the color of your hair. If you want a different look then try the temporary hair dies that wash out to create different colored streaks in your hair this will help you decide if you want streak and what color is best for you.

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