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African-American/Black hair in characterized as brittle, coarse, and dry. Owing of this delicateness of hair, the hair care regime for an African needs careful attention

Black HairstylesBlack HairstylesBlack Hairstyles

Let's have a look at some of the things you should be doing to give your hair all its health and glamour,
  • A healthier lifestyle is always recommended for healthier hair.

  • The dryness can be greatly reduced by massaging your scalp daily, which enhances oil production.

  • Shampooing on a regular basis is not suggested as shampooing strips away the natural oils from your hair leaving it dryer. Hence avoid shampooing daily and go for shampooing once every 3 to 7 days instead, or even better if you wash your hair once a week. The shampoo that you use must be a high quality hydrating shampoo, as it contains cleansers that are gentle on your hair, instead of being harsh. Make sure you go through the list of ingredients of the shampoo If you find alcohol as one of the main constituent of the shampoo, do not buy it for your hair as it will dry out and damage your hair.

  • If your daily routine is such that it causes you to sweat a lot, in that case you can try rinsing your hair instead of shampooing. If it is at all required to shampoo your hair, go for a mild shampoo, which contains a low PH level.

  • Avoid 2 in 1 shampoos that claim to contain shampoo and conditioner. They are not appropriately suited for dry hair. Go for a separate shampoo and conditioner instead for better results.

  • A Hot Oil treatment or the use of a deep conditioner can work wonder for your hair. You can also attempt for leave on conditioner, which functions similar to using a moisturizer on your face. All these will supply moisture to your hair and prevent dryness, thus giving it more shine and protection and also help you detangle with ease.

  • While rinsing your hair use warm water, as hot water can cause dryness of the scalp which can further result in irritating the scalp.

  • Hair tends to be suppler when wet. So let your hair dry naturally. Avoid using a blow dryer to dry your hair, as it will make your hair even drier. You can try blotting your hair with a towel to remove the excess water from your hair. Do not rub your hair with a towel.

  • Always use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair. As your hair is very fragile when wet, smaller toothed comb cause hair damage by pulling and breaking them, while a wide toothed comb easily slides through wet hair. If there is a difficult knot or tangle in your hair do not continue combing, use your fingers to loosen it instead. Comb your hair well and make sure to remove all tangles before using a brush, which can otherwise cause your hair to break off. Try to use a soft hairbrush, which distributes the oil at the root of your hair and scalp.

  • While going to bed at night wrap your head with a scarf if you are using cotton pillow case, as hair gets easily caught in cotton pillow cases and breaks off. Alternatively you can also use silk or satin pillowcases where you will not face any such problem.
Taking care of black hair is a simple and straightforward process, more like natural black hair care. Once you learn the tips to manage your hair, you can possess gorgeous and manageable hair that you have always dreamed of.

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