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There is no doubting the importance of hair—its styling, is shape, its color, its accessories. Walk down an aisle at any local grocery store and see hundreds upon hundreds of things women use to make their hair more beautiful. Through the decades, you can see different styles take precedence. In the 80s, glamour came complete with big hair—tall mounds of hair that seemed to be way too big for the head they sat atop. In the 90s, women went to extremes, with sharp, cutting edges and neon coloring to make sure they had the most beautiful hair. Now, it seems simplicity is key. We are seeing the most beautiful celebrities with their hair styled in the seemingly most innocuous pony tails, buns, and straight styles.

Long  Beautiful HairstylesCelebrity Long  Beautiful HairstylesLong Hairstyles

It is hard to judge what is beautiful in any society. Some things are generally more accepted as being beautiful in whichever area you are in. So to are some hair styles gorgeous and beautiful in one part of the country and irreprehensible and gaudy in others. What is accepted on the red carpet at a big Friday night premiere might draw unwanted attention and even chuckles if being worn to the office on Monday morning. So, what makes a hairstyle beautiful is truly in the eye of the beholder. It could be the color. Some research indicates that, like a peacock, people are naturally driven toward bright, colorful hair. It’s true that more vibrant hair always does look better, but will the glowing red or winter white draw the look you’re looking for. If you read the article on Women’s Hairstyles, you see that the shape of the face can play a major role in what hairstyle looks good on you. Short hair draws attention to the supple nape of the neck, drawing upon a man’s baser instincts. Long hair is considered formal, but may not stand the tests of time on a long night of clubbing.

When we think about beautiful hairstyles, we think of what the latest model or celebrity we saw was wearing. Unfortunately, with most men, it is hard to get the feedback a woman is looking for. Drawing out a conversation about what hairstyle products you use could cause a man to lose interest in a conversation quick. Asking him whether your hair looks better up or down puts many men in an awkward position, because—not necessarily always being in tune with the latest styles and fashion--they don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Beautiful hair does not have to be complicated. It does not have to take you hours to prepare. The secret to getting yourself that beautiful hairstyle is to put everything else out of your mind. Do not worry about what the models and stars look like. Do not worry what the “in” style is supposed to be for this year. Get yourself a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful. If you use that technique—worry about yourself and how you feel—in any aspect of style chances show that you will be far more successful than not. Beauty is in how you present yourself. The smile on your face, the way you walk, and so much more is dependant on how you feel and how to express and react to that feeling. It is not reliant upon how you dress or even style your hair.

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