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The most advanced solution for permanent elimination of unwanted hair is laser hair removal. This hair removal procedure is fast becoming known to those who seek a medical approach in getting rid of their unsightly hairs. This treatment provides the benefits of saving more time and money from the burden of constant shaving, or painful waxing and tweezing.

Various hair and dermatological clinics and spas, particularly in Atlanta offer the said procedure for permanent hair removal. Some of these centers are listed below.

Labarber Clinic
The Labarber Clinic is the so-called designated Laser Center of Excellence in special laser needs. Dr. Jay Kulkin, a world laser expert provides patients the utmost attention in laser treatments, making himself available for laser service treatments. The clinic is aimed at providing safety, comfort and results to its pampered clients which is often the reason more doctors refer their patients to Labarber Clinic.

Salon Me & Medspa
This Medspa is a European styled contemporary salon with also internationally recognized staff that caters to clients near the heart of the Amsterdam Walk shopping area - Atlanta's downtown, Midtown and Buckhead communities. This progressive medical spa provides a complete range of variety of services from simple stress relief to anti-aging treatments. These include laser photo facial, botox, retylane and laser hair removal administered by Salon Me & Medspas board- certified plastic surgeon and board-certified nurse.

Atlanta Laser Clinic
Atlanta Laser Clinic was voted number one in AJC Gwinnett as it specializes laser hair removal with LightSheer™. This technology safely removes hair and effectively satisfies patients with different skin types. Aside permanently eliminating hair, Atlanta Laser Clinic offers IPL and Medical Microdermabrasion for removal of acne, acne scars, blemishes, and skin discoloration, improving the skin.

American Laser Centers
American Laser Centers provides effective laser hair removal treatment that goes with an industry-leading two-year guarantee. This way, patients are assured of best results from the procedures performed by trained and certified technicians, including licensed estheticians, nurses and physicians’ assistants. American Laser Centers

The Tranquility Skin Care Difference
Although The Tranquility Skin Care Difference specializes in skin care, it offers a laser hair removal treatment for those who wish to undergo the procedure. Therapists and other Tranquility staff have over 20 years of skin care experience, the identifying problem areas quickly and efficiently providing appropriate treatment for individuals needs.

The Spa on Paces
For more than ten years, The Spa on Paces has enthusiastically served the greater Metropolitan Atlanta. The Spa on Paces is located at the heart of Buckhead. Setting itself apart form the spa market, it continues to attune to the needs of their patrons. The Spa on Paces provides a leisure experience at a relaxed pace providing their clients a comfortable environment while undergoing hair removal treatment.

There are more centers that offer laser hair removal in Atlanta aside from the above mentioned cosmetic and dermatological clinic and spa centers. Should one decide on which particular hair removal center to go to, it is advisable to gather recommendations from friends or relatives or from patrons of particular medspas.

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