Easy 2012 Hairstyles Updos for Short, Long, Curly Hair & wedding
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2012 updos hairstyles are to be worn on formal ceremonies such as proms and weddings, but they can be a good choice for a dinner or a special evening. 2012 updos include messy updos, big buns and loosely tied updos which means your hair should be at least neck length. Complementing your updos with a braid, tuck or twist can create an elegant look. If you are attending a formal ceremony, consider adding shiny jewelry especially if you have blonde or light hair color.

Easy 2012 Hairstyles Updos for long hair

Longer hair offer a lot more options for experimenting with updos.
The most wanted updo hairstyle for 2012 is Ballet Bun updo – it is a special option for wedding when your long hair are pulled back and an outsized bun is created at the backside of the head. French twist updo is also liked by brides – in this style locks are swept backwards and secured with hairpins at the backside.

2012 Hairstyles Updos for long hair 2012 Hairstyles Updos for long hair2012 Hairstyles Updos for long hair

If you prefer side updos as worn by Kirsten Dunst, consider elegant side updo. Hair is rolled up to create a bun and secured with pins on the side. If you want to go one step further, you can use bangs or side-swept bangs. Messy Chic updos, as worn by Jennifer Garner in many of her pictures, and Prom style updos are also good choices for ladies with long hair.

2012 Hairstyles Updos for Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t allow much options if you want to wear an updo. Some of the commonly optioned 2012 updo hairstyles include Hooker and Young Updo, Pierre Alexander Updo, Zappas Updo and TPL updos with blunt bangs.

The most famous of these is Hooker and Young where hair is set in blunt bangs with partitioning near the crown. Zappas and TPL are also quite common as they allow you to add bangs in the front. Barrie Stephen has worn such styles in the recent past.

2012 Hairstyles Updos for Short Hair 2012 Hairstyles Updos for Short Hair2012 Hairstyles Updos for Short Hair

2012 Hairstyles Updos for Curly Hair

Curly hair can give a different vibe to an updo hairstyle. The most popular updos for curly hair in 2012 are Easy Curly Twist Updo, Deconstructed Updo for Curly Hair, Super Quick and Easy Updo, Fabulous Curly/Wavy Hair Partial Updo and Easy Elegant Curly Hair Updo. You can see that these styles involve messy and loosely tied buns. Lindsay Lohan has worn an updo hairstyle when she had curled her hair up while Susie Castillo's stylish updo is also highly acclaimed.

2012 Hairstyles Updos for Curly Hair 2012 Hairstyles Updos for Curly Hair2012 Hairstyles Updos for Curly Hair

2012 Hairstyles Updos for wedding

You can try any of the above mentioned updos on your wedding as updos are among the most formal and most wanted styles for wedding hairstyles 2012. However, ladies usually grow their hair longer to have more options and updos for longer hair are the best to choose weddings i.e. French Twist updo, Ballet Bun updo, Elegant Side Updo, Messy Chic Updo besides the two updos for shorter or curly hair Zappas UPD and TPL updo with bangs.

2012 Hairstyles Updos for wedding 2012 Hairstyles Updos for wedding2012 Hairstyles Updos for wedding

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