Dark Hairstyles 2012 for Women - With Highlights & Bangs
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2012 hairstyles for dark hair are a mixture of innovation and aesthetic sense of topnotch hairstylists from around the globe. The dark locks are usually glossy and bring appeal to facial features. The darker hairstyles are usually preferred by African American ladies.

If you have natural hair, you can wear hairstyles with locks, twists, tresses and coils just like the African American beauty Cree Summer. If you prefer casual curls, Tracie Thom’s off-the-cuff curls are a hot pick.

For those who want to try a straight hairstyle, can try blunt bangs according to their length. Tyra Banks, the highly esteemed African American model, has silky, black and straight hair and usually wears a pi-straight style with blunt bangs for her long hair.

Dark Hairstyles 2012 with Highlights

As 2012 is marked the year of colors, choosing hairstyles that freely allow highlights are a wise choice. If you have dark brown hair, long locks, as presented by Kristin Kruek when she camp up on the star scene, can be your hairstyle for 2012. It is a simple mid-part cut with sleek strands that gives you a great persona.

Dark Hairstyles 2012 with Highlights Dark Hairstyles 2012 with HighlightsDark Hairstyles 2012 with Highlights

For girls with medium length hair and dark hair, try Lucy Liu’s sleek locks or contemporary updos for stunning looks. To experiment a little, try flipping the ends of your hair outwards.

If you have long hair, the hottest dark hairstyles 2012 with highlights are dark black or brown hair with blonde bangs or blonde side-swept bangs, blonde highlights in brown hair as worn by Beyoncé Knowles in her song Why Don’t You Love me.

Another awesome hairstyle for dark hair is to use different highlights for your layered hair, the benchmark hairstyle of young female singer Christina Aguilera.

Dark Hairstyles 2012 with Bangs

As expected, two things in hairstyles are very common in the year 2012, highlights and bangs. If you want to try bangs for your long dark hair, you can copy Jordaba Brewster in her movie Fast Five.

Another hot trend is the combination of contemporary ponytail with bangs in the front, quite similar to the hairstyle worn by Penelope Cruz when she appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. Layered hairstyles with bangs covering the forehead are also in.

Dark Hairstyles 2012 with BangsDark Hairstyles 2012 with BangsDark Hairstyles 2012 with Bangs

Hairstyles 2012 for dark hair give you the freedom to try bold styles like bangs for short hairstyles e.g. bob cut and bangs for long hair e.g. long wavy free hair style with longer bangs in the front.

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