2012 Hairstyles - Blonde Hairstyles for Men & Women
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When talking about 2012 hairstyles for blonde men and women, there are several trendy styles available. The unique color and persona created by blonde hair necessitates different hairstyles from other colors. Let us have a look at the most commonly chosen 2012 hairstyles for blonde men and women.

Blonde Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Short haircuts for blonde ladies are in, this year as well. These hairdos include pixie haircut and bob cut. Blond hair looks good when cut and trim while sides having ample layers. You can use gel to create several variations including spikes, layers, wispy layers and waves. Several topnotch blonde celebrities such as Demi Moore and Carmon Diaz have worn short hairstyles recently.

Blonde Hairstyles 2012 for Women Blonde Hairstyles 2012 for WomenBlonde Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Several hairstyles for medium and long hair lengths with messy, moisturized looks are still having a good run since 2011. Medium and long hairstyles for blondes this year have turned their focus on layers and bangs in front. Hairstyles with layers are also combined with center or side parting.

Blondes with longer hair can also opt for ponytails as usually worn by Jennifer Lopez and Fergie. This year, retro hairstyle is also trendy for other hair colors but it is not as hot when it comes to blonde hair.

The last of 2012 hairstyle for blondes is called dirty blonde – not as bright as other hair styles but it can give you a unique look. In this style there are very small hair on the sides and a few inches on the top.

Blonde hairstyles 2012 for Men

Caesar and Surfer haircuts are again the top choices during 2012 for blonde men. Another hot option among hairstyles 2012 for men is Justin Hartley’s spikey blonde hairstyle from the famous TV series Smallville. Emo, medium emo and emo with bands are also in, though original color for emo hairstyle if believed to be jet-back.

Some modern men with medium hair are following Australian actor Heath Ledger’s hairstyle he wore recently. Brad Pitt lovers are still opting for his much famous crew cut as he wore in his blockbuster Fight Club.

For very short hair, Eminem’s Caesar cut is also hot in addition to the ever popular buzz-cut. Those who prefer super contemporary and punk hairstyles are choosing Andy Roddick’s Faux-Hawk. Another variation of this hairstyle is Mohawk in which sides are not completely shaved.

Blonde hairstyles 2012 for MenBlonde hairstyles 2012 for MenBlonde hairstyles 2012 for Men

If you love shag and have medium length hair, Ryan Hansen’s Surfer haircut is the best option for you to choose from 2012 hairstyles for blonde men.

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