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2011 wavy hairstyles are for those who are seeking lot of volume and thickness for their hairs. If you want your thin hairs to look more voluminous and want to give yourself a more casual look, then take a look at 2011 wavy hairstyles.

There are ample choices for you if you want haircuts for wavy hair. 2011 short wavy hairstyles are much in fashion as they are easy to manage and go with the contemporary modern lifestyle. Many celebs carry curly and wavy hairstyles as they not only make them look younger but they are definitely very easy to manage as well.

Wavy Hairstyles 2011Wavy Hairstyles 2011Wavy Hairstyles 2011

- If you have mid-length hair, then try witched waves. They hang up to your shoulders with bangs around the neck giving an impressive look to your personality.

- Wavy hairs add fun to your personality. They bump with your movement which means you can add more dramatic style to yourself with minimal effort.

- Learn to add more layers with your wavy hair to give them volume. Slot of layers on sides as well as back create a stunning look. The edges in the front as well as at the back give a sassy look with cheery persona.

- When you opt for wavy hairstyles, switch to layers with hair colours. Coloured hair with tri-tones of pale blonde, honey and neutrals give a rich look to your hair. tri-tones also add a lot of depth to your hair.

- Have you seen Kate Hudson or Mary-Kate Olsen? These two are often seen sporting rocker waves that go perfectly with nearly every kind of hair and face. The rocker waves give a little messy look with tousled hair. you can easily create the look with a dry shampoo and need not worry about maintain your hair. The messier it gets, better it looks.

- Blessed are those who have long big curls. They need to work least to get the most natural long curly look. Although they may find it boring keeping the same look throughout their life but most women work very hard towards getting that perfect look. Big wavy curls are especially good for women with long hair that fall well below the shoulder length. They give an extremely glamorous look just like Lindsey Lohan. You can easily catch that look with jumbo-sized hot rollers or iron curls.

- Choosing the best 2011 wavy hairstyle is as important as choosing your prom dress or the most suited dress for the gala. You need to know the best 2011 wavy hairstyles to stay ahead in the next season.

- Long hair can be quite cumbersome and most women tend to keep their length up to medium length or just short. The reason is that they cannot manage long hairs quite efficiently but autumn and winter are the seasons for long hairs and 2011 wavy hairstyles with long hair can definitely give you a new look.

- Long hairs can always be tied up into a pony tails which means you can experiment with new hairstyles just whenever time permits.

2011 wavy hairstyles are back in fashion. 2011 short wavy hairstyles are definitely most common with blunt haircut always finding a place amongst modern day women with wavy hair.

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