2011 Retro Dos Hairstyles - Pictures & Trends
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2011 Retro Dos hairstyles are making a comeback in to the fashion world once again. The new season is going to showcase a lot of hairstyles from 60s, 70 and 80s. This is the new millennium but the hairstyles from the last millennium are finding their way in. You can also find hairstyles from the 50s making a comeback in the new 2011 season.

- If you are wondering to start looking more romantic or sexy with sleek and sophisticated looks, switch to the new age retro look. Vintage hairstyles are competent enough to give you a flirty look.

Retro Dos Hairstyles 2011Retro Dos Hairstyles 2011Retro Dos Hairstyles 2011

- In order to get the much coveted curly retro look, all you need is a good mousse hair spray, fine tooth comb and curling iron with hair dryer. You can start with the short vintage bob cut with curls hanging from one side. You can give a side parting to your hair with length up to your ears.

- For short hair the 2011 retro dos hairstyles can be combined with curls, layers, spikes or even simple blunt. Short hair retro dos can be pinned with glittering hair accessories on one side and the other side left loose.

- If you have long hair, you can experiment with bun on the crown. Big large bumps on the crown have been the look of late era. Rich thick buns either on the forehead have also been in fashion and still carry into the new millennium.

- The 60s hairstyles is more about a little messy look where the texture need not be perfect. You can easily get the high 60s vibes with loose pieces and height to your hair.

- Think about a pony tail by yourself with loose hair hanging around your ears. You can also try a side ponytail to give a flirty look. This hairstyle looks good with curly hairs or hairs with large bangs.

- Even men can don 2011 retro dos hairstyles with men’s rockabilly hairstyles that are easy to achieve even today. In 1950’s and 60’s large bumps on foreheads were in fashion and men like Elvis Presley and srat Pack flaunted the coveted rockabilly hairstyles.

- Men can carry the pompadour which is a large cut on the top with short wavy hair on the sides as well as the back. You can try the pompadour with grease or pomade by running a hand through your hair and let your hair fall naturally. If you do not get a natural look, you can always try a hair dry to get the natural look.

- Try the wet get look with curly short hair in men when you are seeking 2011 retro dos hairstyle. Curly short hair can give you difficulty in giving a pompadour but wet set look is definitely a style statement.

Classic men’s hairstyles and curly short hair retro dos are common for the next season. If you are planning to have a new hairdo, think of 2011 retro do hairstyles.

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