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Dark hairs are always striking and have always caught fancy of women all around the world. Women with dark hair and eye lashes have always been an attraction to many. African American hairstyles have been a point of interest as people have often wondered about the dreadlocks. Apart from that, there has been an interest in dark hairstyles as well.

2011 dark haircuts are already popular as women are ready to wear a new look next season. Celebs have been seen donning new look by colouring their hair especially those with blonde hair. They have ample shades to choose from brown to dark brown to complete black. 2011 dark hairstyles are more about curls and layered hairstyles.

Dark Hairstyles 2011Dark Hairstyles 2011Dark Hairstyles 2011

- African American hairs have naturally curly texture and dark colour. There are ample choices to colour such hair and give them a nice haircut. However, before colouring your hair or choosing a completely new colour, you should also think about the colour of your skin. Your hair and its new 2011 dark haircut should also complement the colour of your skin and the neck.

- Dark African American skin shades range from light brown to dark ebony and it is important that your new 2011 dark hairstyle coloured with a new colour should match your hair as well as skin. Try using double streaks of both the shades and you may have some magical results.

- Dark haircuts are mostly about curly haircuts. Many women spend a lot of time straightening them and then maintaining that straightening. It can be really tiring but worth doing it when you want to wear a new look as 2011 dark hairstyle.

- Do you remember Halle Berry style? Bob haircuts are definitely in fashion. They go well especially with straight hair and deep waves with side cornrows look extremely stylish. Check out the latest 2011 dark hairstyles with bob haircut.

- Bob haircut with layers gives a lot of volume to you hairs and adds thickness to thin hair. 2011 dark haircuts with bob style makes you look younger and spirited.

- One of the all times popular 2011 dark hairstyles are the long layered hairstyles. If you have extremely long hair with thin facial structure, you can try putting a small bump of hairs on the forehead for a more fluffy look and let you hand loose in curls.

- Unruly bangs look great with long dark hairs that hang around the neck and shoulders. It is one of the most favourite hairstyles for dark hair as bangs look quite enhanced and carry a shiny look.

Dark hair can be curled and can also be made into updos. Take a look at short hairstyles, medium layered haircuts, bob haircuts while choose the bests 2011 dark haircuts. Don’t forget the Konnie Huq dark hairstyle during her wedding. She had her curly hair tied with a small pink flower while the curls hung loose around her shoulders.

You can also try pony tails with bangs or sideways pony tails with medium length hair. Yet another way to experiment with your looks is to try out pig tails with your medium length hair. Teens are definitely rocking with short hairstyles for dark hair. It keeps up their young look and complements their energy.

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